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Hot events on S3 [Copy this link to quote]

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Dear citizens of Mythopolis, we’d like to thank you for your support with a few giveaways to coincide with the opening of our brand-new server, Kosmos III! It’s time for some festivities before the battle starts!

Event I: Buy Drachmas, Win Prizes!

Event time: 00:00 Oct. 21st – 00:00 Oct. 24th PDT.

1.    Each player who buys at least 20 Drachmas in one day will receive a Diamond Shovel (3 Days).
2.    Each player who buys at least 150 Drachmas in one day will receive a Demeter's Rucksack (All).
3.    Each player who buys at least 320 Drachmas in one day will receive an Output Boost (7 Days).
4.    Each player who buys at least 650 Drachmas in one day will receive a Ration Order, Level 1.
5.    Each player who buys at least 1,200 Drachmas in one day will receive a Pluton's Satchel (All).
6.    Each player who buys at least 2,500 Drachmas in one day will get a Magic Elixir.

About the prizes:
Diamond Shovel (3 Days)
With the Diamond Shovel, you can dig deeper caves for more secured protection from pillagers.
Increases silo capacity by 500%.

Demeter's Rucksack (All)
A magical bag from the goddess of the harvest.
Increases all resources in your city by 5,000.

Output Boost (7 Days)
Boost resource output and watch your city develop in leaps and bounds!
Increases the output of all four resources in all of your cities by 25% for 7 days.

Ration Order, Level 1
Reduce rations to conserve supplies!
Reduces food consumption of your army by 5%. Lasts for 3 days.

Pluton's Satchel (All)
A magical bag from the god of wealth, son of Demeter and Iasion.
Increases all resources in this city by 20,000.

Magic Elixir
A sacred drink of mint and honey to enlighten a hero to learn new runes.
Activates a hero's third Rune Slot for learning new runes. Can be given to other players as a gift!

Awarding prizes:
1.    Prizes will be automatically sent to you when the event ends. Be sure to check your treasury!
2.    You can only get one prize from the event, and you will always receive the highest prize possible (i.e., donating 350 Drachmas would get you one Demeter’s Rucksack, not two Diamond Shovels).

Event Two: Mythopolis’s Top Ten!

Event Time: 19:00 Oct. 21 –24:00 Oct. 27th PDT

After the server’s been open for seven days, the top ten players in the rankings will be rewarded with VIP membership!

The top ten ranked players will receive:

VIP membership
Benefits include:
Resource Ouput +30%!
Silo Capacity x 5!
Recruitment Speed +5%/10%/15% (increases monthly)!
2 Extra Building Queues!
Caravan Transport Speed + 50%/75%/100% (increases monthly)!
Marching Speed +5%/10% (increases monthly)!
May fortify Guard Tower automatically!
Unit Attack and Defense +10%!
Unlocks Autobuild!
May assign automatic trade routes!

Top 1: VIP Membership (30 days)
Top 2~3:  VIP Membership (7 days)
Top 4~10: VIP Membership (3 days)

…That’s a lot of benefits! Be sure to focus on your resources and boost city development to be one of those lucky ten!

1. The winners will be determined upon the ranking as of Oct. 27thth at 24:00 PDT
2. VIP Memberships will be awarded the next day.

Event Three: It’s Raining Vouchers!

Event Time: Oct. 21st – Nov.11st

During the event, players will receive Gift Vouchers when they log in to the game every day. On the 7th, 14th, and 22nd day, we’ll count the days you’ve logged in and send you the vouchers you’ve earned.

During the first week, players will earn one voucher a day when they log in. The second week, they earn 2 vouchers a day, and the third week, they will earn 3 vouchers a day.

Players who log in to the game for more than 3 days before Oct. 27th will get 10 bonus vouchers.

Players who log in to the game for more than 9 days before Nov. 3rd will get 20 bonus vouchers.

Players who log in to the game for more than 15 days before Nov. 11st will get 30 bonus vouchers.

Like we said… it’s raining vouchers! Come and get ‘em! All you have to do is just log in to the game at least once a day. Come back the next day for more!

You’ll receive your vouchers as soon as you log in to the game. If you don’t see any new vouchers, try logging in again.

Event Four: Vouchers feast!

Event Time: 19:00 Oct. 21st


You will get 40 Vouchers immediately when log in to the game. Use them to experience the payment function.

Finish now immediately finishes construction tasks and building upgrades.
Titanic Hammer empowers workers to finish construction immediately, and for half the resources.
Fast Recall instantly calls back a hero who has fled or is recuperating from battle.
Healing Light instantly renews a hero's Life.
Offer a Gift, uses a gift, instead of resources, to recruit a hero in the tavern.
Offer a Toast instantly refreshes the hero list in the tavern.
Duel with Zodiac Guardian challenges one of the twelve Zodiac Guardians to a duel.
Military Draft utilizes all available resources to help you recruit troops at maximum efficiency.
Black Market sells resources and allows you to redistribute your existing reserves.

Event Five: Prizes of the Pleiades!

Event Time: 19:00 Oct. 21st

All new players will be able to purchase a Starter Pack, which will contain the first of seven Prizes of the Pleiades, gifts from the seven lovely daughters of the sea god Poseidon!

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Koram you are Pathetic.
Sort the game out before you try to grab more money.

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Why dont you bring here something like koth or ER? That makes game more interesting.

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we need koth or er koram .. please make some..

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join BBGsite and sing up now and win Mythopolis prizes and gold
u will get my curse

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